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You can reach us 24/7 to get information from our expert team working in our center in Istanbul Kadikoy. You can directly contact our physiotherapist through Whatsapp or phone. We will be happy to answer all of your questions in the field of our experience. Let’s answer a few frequently asked questions about physical therapy.


Physical therapy is a branch of science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of problems seen in the body’s movement system. It is a branch of medicine called physiotherapy and rehabilitation. This specialization area, formerly called physical therapy, is now also called physiotherapy. The person who is specialized and experienced in this field is called a physical therapist or physiotherapist. There are countless techniques that physiotherapists use in therapy sessions, but one of the most popular techniques is OMT (Orthopedic Manual Therapy). Our team experienced on musculoskeletal physiotherapy.


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When is physical therapy beneficial? When a physiotherapist can you? Physio Health


Physical therapy is beneficial in problems related to the movement system. For example, physiotherapy is beneficial in pains that occur during physical activities such as carrying heavy weight with shoulder, walking, standing for a long time or writing. In the treatment sessions, flaws in the movement system are evaluated and the source of the problem is determined. There is usually an injury or wear and tear in orthopedic problems. The injury occurs after trauma, while wear and tear occurs as a result of the excessive or incorrect use of joints or muscles. This is called incorrect movement kinematics. Incorrect kinematics leads to wear and tear in various joints, muscles, or nerves due to excessive loading. These wear and tear then turn into injuries and cause pain, weakness, fatigue, or limited mobility later.


When do pains disappear after physical therapy? – Physiotherapy Istanbul


While evaluating the source of the problem, the existing injury and the kinematics (main problem) that caused this injury are tried to be determined. Then manual therapy application is performed to correct this kinematics. After factors that disrupt natural movement are eliminated with manual therapy, therapeutic exercises are applied to make this adjustment become permanent. Along with exercise, movement in the body is corrected to no longer cause pain or to cause less pain. The duration of treatment may vary depending on the problem the person has. While the session time lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour, the treatment process varies depending on the problem. While back pain disappears completely in 4-6 weeks, recovery after Achilles tendon rupture can take up to 6-8 months. A decrease in pain is expected after each session for problems with short healing time (4-6 weeks). We welcome you to our center in Caddebostan Kadikoy to answer any questions you may have about physical therapy in Istanbul. Our senior physiotherapists will do what is best for you!


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Properly Planned Physiotherapy Techniques Do Not Cause Pain


How is physical therapy done? What is done during a physical therapy session?


For physical therapy to be effective, it is essential for the patient to actively participate in the treatment. During the therapy sessions, the physiotherapist plans the content of the session, and then informs the patient about their injury or illness. The patient learns how to avoid increasing their pain in daily life and what they can do to speed up their recovery. This way, the patient organizes their life outside of the sessions to contribute to the problem’s healing during the treatment. As a result, the healing process progresses smoothly and quickly. The physiotherapist applies manual therapy during the session. After the manual therapy, they demonstrate special exercises that will contribute to the treatment and observe the patient during exercise. The physiotherapist repeats their evaluations between sessions and makes appropriate changes. As the sessions progress, exercises increase, and the patient returns to their daily life without pain.



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What to expect from a good physical therapy session?


The most important thing in a physical therapy session is to deal with an expert who listens to you. The most crucial session in physical therapy sessions is the first session. Because all the remaining sessions are planned according to the evaluation in this first session. If the first session does not go well, the treatment will either fail, or the healing process will be prolonged. In this session, the physiotherapist should take a detailed history from the patient, review any radiological images if available, and make a clinical evaluation. If the physiotherapist does not listen to your complaints well enough or take notes, it is impossible for them to find the source of your problem. Pain or limitations are intertwined with your profession, habits, past injuries, radiological images, and current condition, based on a comprehensive assessment. Therefore, it is essential to take a comprehensive history and evaluation.


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A Good Physical Therapy Session Is Possible with Good Assessment and Communication

The second most important thing is that the physiotherapist should explain your condition to you in a language you can understand. The patient-physiotherapist relationship is different from the standard doctor-patient relationship. There is a relationship that lasts between 4 weeks and 3 months, depending on the problem, throughout the sessions. Therefore, the physiotherapist’s secondary duty is to educate you. They should explain your problem to you and answer what you need to pay attention to in your daily life without your asking. The third crucial criterion is that there should be improvement in pain or limitation at the end of the session, and most importantly, the pain should not increase. Although physical therapy is a long-lasting healing method, it is a treatment method where complaints decrease at the end of each session. If your pain or complaints increase at the end of the session, it means that a wrong assessment or application has been made. Are you looking for physiotherapist near me or chiropractor near me? You can consult our expert team in our center located in Kadıköy, Istanbul, to get information about your treatments. This way, you can avoid wasting time with incorrect or incomplete treatments.


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